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How do you go about choosing the perfect private kindergarten program? What

curriculum will prepare your child for their journey of life long learning? How

important is a low student/teacher ratio?


Good morning. This is your personal parenting moment from Legacy Academy.

When searching for the perfect private kindergarten visit the school. Does the

room offer science, math and technology immersed in language? Does the

teacher/student ratio support your child’s learning needs?


At Legacy Academy Chapel Hill, we understand experience is the architect of the brain. Our

curriculum supports brain-considerate learning. Degreed teachers offer

opportunities to encourage metacognitive thinking. Uniforms instill pride and

respect in each kindergarten scholar student/teacher ratios encourage inquisitive-
based communication.


A personal assessment will ensure that each Legacy Learner is supported from

their current academic position. Make an appointment today and discover first

hand why Legacy learners are prepared for academic success.

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