Picky Eaters

Posted on March 27, 2017 : Posted in Legacy Academy


Yuck, I don’t want to try the broccoli! Does this sound familiar to you? Is your

child becoming a picky eater? And is there a chance they learned that behavior

from you?


Good morning, this is your Parenting Moment brought to you by Legacy

Academy for Children. Although it is true that children develop their own tastes

in food, it is also true that positive role modeling and appropriate food

presentation can support a child’s healthy diet. One of the best ways to stay

healthy and to feel good is to eat nutritious foods.


Here are some quick tips to support healthy eating:

• Learn the principles of good nutrition.most meals should always contain a

fruit, vegetable, a source of protein, bread and milk.

• Snacks should contain at least two of these components

•Eat on a schedule, be consistent with meal and snack times and avoid constant


• Be enthusiastic about the food you are serving, make it look good on the plate

by offering a variety of colors shapes, textures and temperatures, role model

good eating habits for your child and let them help prepare food.

Make your mealtimes free from stress, a time for social interaction and learning!


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